FACT Inc. is a technology, training and consulting company with the energy industry focus:

This is accomplished by FACT People comprised of many seasoned oil and gas industry professionals and other expert consultants associated with FACT and through alliance and collaboration with other companies with complementary capabilities.

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FACT-ML is a subsidiary of FACT focusing on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in the Oil and Gas industry (MLOG). FACT-ML has recognized the industrial gap and harnessed its capabilities to create a platform to assess the existing energy industry-specific challenges. 

FACT-ML Overview - fact-corp.com/fact-ml-overview

Machine Learning for Unconventional Resources 2020 Workshop (MLUR 2020)

FACT Inc. in collaboration with the University of Houston is organizing its second workshop on Machine Learning for Unconventional Resources (MLUR 2020) with a focus on Well Stimulation. The goal is to bring together participants from different disciplines to facilitate, introducing new concepts and discuss solutions to existing challenges on well stimulation with a focus on the use of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytic (ML-AI-DA). We are soliciting papers with both theoretical and applied nature and a variety of topics listed below. The workshop is also going to include a forum for brainstorming on current and future directions for of research and development on digital transformation,  for more efficient exploration and production, especially for unconventional resources with reduced cost and increased efficiency.


Call for Papers - fact-corp.com/mlur2020-call-for-papers


Summary of MLUR 2019 Workshop fact-corp.com/mlur-2019


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