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FACT Training: Offers many short courses to train oil and gas professionals, and others who may need to acquire an understanding of upstream technologies. Such courses are either given publicly or through in-house training that could be tailor made to the client specifications. Aside from several courses taught by Dr. Fred Aminzadeh and/or a carefully chosen distinguished list of instructors, highlighted under FACT Faculty, teach courses in their respective areas of expertise. Courses could also be designed to more closely relate to the needs of the client.

FACT Course List:

FACT Course 100: 3-D Seismic for Reservoir Characterization  

FACT Course 110: Wavelet Transform and Seismic Data Compression

FACT Course 120:Multi-component Seismic and Anisotropy

FACT Course 130: Seismic Attributes to Detect Hydrocarbons

FACT Course 140: Rock Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

FACT Course 150:Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms and AI

FACT Course 160: Joint and Intelligent Seismic Inversion

FACT Course 170: 4-D Seismic and other Time Laps Data Applications

FACT Course 180: Pore Pressure Analysis and Prediction

FACT Course 190: Seismic Attenuation for Hydrocarbon Detection 

FACT Course 200: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

FACT Course 210: Velocity Model Building and Visualization

FACT Course 220: Reservoir Monitoring & Productivity Prediction from log & Seismic

FACT Course 230: Advanced Seismic Processing and AVO

FACT Course 240: Borehole Geophysics: Methods and Applications 

FACT Course 250: 3-D Imaging for Complex Models

FACT Course 260: Application Programming for Reservoir Visualization and Modeling

FACT Course 270: Fundamentals of Petro-physics for E&P

FACT Course 280:Tomographic Inversion and Cross Well Tomography

FACT Course 290:Fractal Analysis and Fracture Detection

FACT Course 300:Petroleum Geology for Geophysicists

FACT Course 310:Unconventional Reservoirs

*For a complete list of courses, synopses and instructors list please contact


FACT Course 320: Seismic Attributes and Machine Learning for Reservoir** Characterization 

FACT Course 330: Petroleum Geochemistry

FACT Course 340:Geophysics for Petroleum Engineers

FACT Course 350: Reserves Evaluation and Reducing Uncertainty with Geophysics

FACT Course 360:Machine Learning and Data Analytic for Oil and Gas

FACT Course 370:Electromagnetics for hydrocarbon exploration and monitoring

FACT Course 380:Business Fundamentals for Petroleum Geophysics

FACT Course 390:Artificial lift Optimization and Early Detection of Pump Failure

FACT Course 400:Seismic Stratigraphy, 

FACT Course 410: Seismic Faults

FACT Course 420:Pitfalls of 3-D Seismic Interpretation

** Highlighted courses have been taught recently and can be give usually with about a month notice.

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