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FACT Technology Partners: FACT’s ability to add value and to integrate technologies from different sources has enabled it to establish many joint ventures and technology alliance with many organizations. Among them are:

  • DGB Earth Sciences of the Netherlands, and FACT have enjoyed a long term collaboration. The open source software of dGB, has been featured in the book, Neural Networks and other applications of Soft Computing in the oil industry, authored by the founders of FACT and dGB.

  • GEOINFO - The Argentina based oil service company is an active player in the sales and service of seismic interpretation, geochemistry and pertophysics. FACT has collaborated with GEOINFO on consulting and training in South America.   

  • KMS Technologies - The Houston based high technology electromagnetic sensor, company has an alliance with FACT. FACT founder is a member of Board of Directors of KMS and KMS technologies founder has conducted training courses through FACT.

  • OGS - The Italian Geophysical Institute, OGS,  and FACT have joined forces to develop and market a new state of the art 3-D tomographic inversion software package called CAT3D. This revolutionary methodology addresses many complex imaging problems, especially those associated with complex media and heterogeneous velocity field.

  • Petrokav International Servicesof Tunisia have a joint agreement to collaborate on training and consulting.

  • PetroSync of Singapore is an oil and gas training company with South East Asia focus. FACT founder conducted a short course on “AVO Inversion Attributes in Seismic Interpretation” early 2012.

  • Saratoga Resources is a publicly held Gulf of Mexico oil and Gas Operator (stock symbol SARA). Founder of FACT serves on the External Advisory Board of Saratoga.

  • SinoGeo of China, a public geophysical service company (stock symbol 300191:CH). FACT founder served as an adviser to SinoGeo.

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