FACT Inc. is a training, service and consulting company that was incorporated in Delaware since 1993.  Its main activities include: Finding innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry challenges, consulting on upstream technologies for the energy industry, developing of and/or contributing to the R&D projects funded by the government entities (e.g. DOE, DOD, NSF) or industry, conducting applied research and service projects to the US National Laboratories, offering in-house and public training and short courses as well as developing software for the oil and gas applications with a focus on machine learning and big data. FACT is led by Dr. Fred Aminzadeh, an oil and gas expert in many areas

FACT Strength

FACT’s strength is based on several factors that distinguishes itself from its competitors. In what follows we will focus on unique strength in two areas of FACT activities, namely FACT Training and FACT Machine Learning or FACT-ML The key strength areas include:

  1. The Expertise, diverse knowledge areas and international reputation of Dr. Fred Aminzadeh (FA)

  2. Extensive experience of FA in teaching over 50 courses in over 20 countries.

  3. The long list of FA publications and 15 patents

  4. Ability to attract competent people to teach through FACT 

  5. Much reduced prices and higher quality of courses in comparison with some of its competitors such as PetroSkills and Next due to lower overhead

  6. Ability to customize courses to client’s specification

  7. Proven track record and satisfied customers. See some of the past clients here

  8. FACT Machine Learning (FACT-ML) is the first company to create a platform to facilitate best use of ML in oil and gas

  9. FACT-ML brings its own scientist with those of its Vendor and Academic Partners solve AI problems for oil and gas. 

  10. FACT-ML provides the opportunity to gain access to ML/AI and Data Analytic (DA) solutions at a very low cost.